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Hello, wonderful human beings of the internet! My name is Amber, and I am an incoming freshman at Arizona State University majoring in Journalism and Communications. In my free time, I love to plan and organize my life, listen to music, rewatch Friends and The Office, go to Disneyland, attend concerts, pamper myself, and take naps.

I have always wanted to start a blog ever since I was 15 and discovered what concealer was. Although beauty was what I initially wanted to blog about, now at 17 years of age, I want to also write about high school, (eventually) college, food, and fashion. My posts might consist of reflections to the latest beauty trends. I believe that starting this blog right before my freshman year of college is in some way a blank canvas and creative outlet for me. It will allow me to share and reflect on all the changes that are going to hit me very soon. Maybe when I’m older, I’ll look back and giggle at some of the posts I wrote about when I was either going through a midlife crisis or traveling around the world with my best gal pals. 

At the end of the day, the main goal of this blog is to help others. I hope that by reflecting on certain aspects and situations of my life and sharing tips I learn along the way will, in return, be useful advice to you all. Ultimately, I want this blog to be a community of people sharing beneficial advice and helping each other out. Keep in mind that I am quite young, and I still have a lot to learn (in terms of adulting and attending college ahh scary). With that being said, I will try to be as helpful as possible to you all, but if at any time you do not agree with what I am posting, feel free to share it with me! I am open to all comments and feedback.

This next chapter of my life is a whole new ballpark and is also going to be a learning experience for me. I am excited to take you all along for this crazy ride!

Have any questions or concerns? Reach me by email: amberalmighty88@gmail.com  


One thought on “Hello, Blog

  1. Hey Amber, Best Wishes at ASU! I just finished up there last year; truly offered some once in a lifetime experiences. College is scary but not as scary as life thereafter ( but I was quite scared when I started too, I cried a lot my Freshman year *ha*). Enjoy those years, really!

    ~ Bree

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